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Intake valve and exhaust valve

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       What is the engine timing system?
Timing system is an important part of valve-train engines, is one of the important factors that guarantee engine breathe easier. Timing system by controlling the valve open and close time, accurate implementation timing corresponding inlet valve and exhaust valve opening and closing, to timely plenty of fresh air into the cylinder, gas cylinder in time, to ensure that the engine is normal, the power output of good performance.
Timing system components
At present, most of the engine timing system of the main working process is: through the chain or belt drive the CAM motion by the crankshaft, rotating the top air door tappet CAM working face, and then drive to the cylinder valve movement, so as to realize the valve is opened; After the CAM face rotation, the valve will be under the action of valve spring return, which the valve is closed.
Timing belt and timing chain which one is better?
Transmission of timing system is divided into two kinds of timing chain and timing belt, a lot of people are concerned about what kind of drive mode better. Timing belt has been applied in the engine for a long time, mature technology, low cost, low noise, but require regular inspection and maintenance, generally 5 ~ 100000 km will need to be replaced. Timing chain has compact structure, high transmission power, reliability and high wear resistance, life-long free maintenance etc, but relative to the traditional timing belt, the noise is generally larger. If you can't determine the timing belt replacement cycle, can will be subject to the maintenance period stipulated in the auto makers. Auto makers from different types of the maintenance cycle is not specified in exactly the same, specific replacement cycle with automakers requirements shall prevail. But everything is not absolute. With the progress of technology, some car has used the mute tooth shape chain, its noise and even lower than the timing belt. Believe the timing chain widely used will bring more convenience for the majority of car users.
Tooth shape silent chain
Currently, the main common timing chain is divided into the sleeve roller chain and chain of two types of tooth profile. Among them, the roller chain is affected by its inherent structure, the rotation noise relative timing belt will be more obvious, a corresponding larger driving resistance and inertia. We usually commonly known as the "silent chain" of the tooth shape structural design, when driving into the softer, less impact, running more smoothly, and it does not produce noise roller chain structure, therefore, on the noise level of performance is more superior to traditional timing belt.



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